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Manny Ortiz
Sunday 3rd May 2009, 8:51am
Nice blogging Hank! Keep 'em coming!!!

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Hope the extra rest gives Celtics edge!! posted on 04/29/2011
A tough series begins with the Miami Heat on Sunday at 3.  The Celtics not only beat the Knicks but we swept them and the Celtics looked great doing it.  The starters played great and the bench did it's job.  Especially Rondo who took it up to the next level, and was so good to see.  But are the Heat even in the same catagorie as the Knicks?  We did have extra rest and maybe shaq will be able to help, that would be sweet.  But what I do know is this is gonna be a tough series so even though they have home court, let's show them who the boss is from the start.  Lets Go Celts!!!!! HH

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Red Sox Get Much Needed Win and End a 6 Game Losing Streak!!! posted on 08/11/2009

 Last Night B. Penny and the Sox came out on a mission and that was to break this losing streak and they did. But I personally was more concerned about our hitting. After getting swept by the Yankees in a 4 game series which has not happened in over 20 years, I wasn't concerned about our pitching (except Smoltz which the Sox dealt with after that 1st game massacre and giving up 9 earned, they put him on assignment) I was worried about our line-up.

Pappi and Bay have been off and Pedroia and Youk just couldn't hit against NY and that went for our whole line up except Ellsbury who was able to be consistant. So when the Sox came out last night and scored 2 runs in the 1st on a Ellsbury double then a Pedroia homer (9) starting off the game with a lead, the Sox looked like the team we know. In the 2nd the Sox would score a run on a hit by Pappi, then followed by a N. Green homer (6) giving the Sox a early 4-0 lead.  This was a great sign for me just seeing the Sox making great contact and scoring runs but Detroit would rally. After a Bay homer (22) in the 5th the Sox led 5-3 heading into the 7th when Delcarman came in for Penny and Detroit would tie the game at 5 all!! 

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Red Sox Get a Much Needed Win and a Much Needed Player. posted on 08/01/2009

Boston Red Sox-- Get a Much Needed Win and a Much Needed Player.
Friday being the trade deadline you knew the Sox were going to make some kind of move(because they always do) and they did. The Sox got the big bat they were looking for, by acquiring all-star slugger Victor Martinez from Cleveland for J. Masterson, and minor league pitcher N. Hagadone and B. Price. The 30 year old Martinez plays both catcher and 1st base and is a switch hitter and should be a huge help in the Sox lineup. Knowing Martinez is an every day player Boston sent A. LaRoche who was just traded here and had a hit in his 3 games, back to his former team the Braves for C. Kotchman who will be a solid backup to Youkilis and now Martinez. So overall this should help our offense and we didn't have to give up Clay so let's see how it plays out in the east.

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Red Sox Fall Out of First Place posted on 07/22/2009
MLB Boston Red Sox; Beckett goes for his 12th win, close but no Support!!
The Red Sox had lost 3 in a row and went into this game versus the Texas Rangers with their ace Josh Beckett on the mound, so Sox Nation was expecting to take this one, especially being tied for first with the dreaded Yankees. With Texas is sending their 2 game starter rookie T. Hunter at us who is 1-1 this year, so the odds had to be on the Sox.After Hunter had a 1,2,3 inning Beckett came out and looked tired in the 1st inning allowing 2 earned runs and his fastball was only reaching 91, which is unlike Beckett. So the Sox would head out of the 1st inning down 2-0 and on this night this is all the Rangers would need-- because the Red Sox offense didn't show!!  Hunter shut us down and held the lead until th

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Buchholz Gets First Win posted on 07/19/2009

Clay Buchholz Would get his First Start of the Year- and it would be a good one.

 This being the first game since returning from the all-star break the Sox looked to stay in command in the East.  Not knowing if Beckett and Wake would pitch in the all-star game(which they didn't and I personally thought they really should have got Wake in the game)so they made this move. The Sox brought up Clay Buchholz (7-2 in minors this year) for this one start knowing no matter how good he did, he would be sent back to the minors after the game. This did not matter to Clay Buchholz, he came out gunning, he threw 103 pitches, only allowed 4 hits and 1 earned run and had 3 strikeouts--Nasty!!  He went into the 6th and was relieved by Bard who ended the inning and looked great also. Makes you think should we keep Clay up here and sit Smoltz, what does Sox Nation think??? Log in and let me know!!!

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