Jeremy Peters's Boston Celtics Extended Profile

Who am I?

Most of my life has been dedicated to perfection in golf. I have learned a lot and am convinced anyone can master the game with a little instruction, time and effort.

I am also a bit of a sports nut, a movie buff and literature student.

I am a lifelong Denver Broncos fan who also spends a lot of time watching NBA basketball and Major League Baseball.

I think Lebron James is vastly overrated, steroids saved baseball whether we like it or not, and the parity in the NFL is the worst idea ever invented.

I have a degree in English Literature, have worked as a journalist and am constantly fascinated by the art of story telling. Whether it be local gossip, a good film, or a good book, our world is made up of stories from morning till night.

I hope you enjoy some of my stories.

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